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Mood Ring House

Mood rings change color as our finger temperature fluctuates—this house changes color with the tap of a finger.

Behold the Mood Ring House, a rainbow spectacle outfitted with LED lamps that reflect the owner’s disposition at night. The single-family home, located in Fayetteville, Ark., was conceived by SILO AR+D as an “exploration of how architecture can have different day and night presences with distinct experiential and spatial qualities.”

At night, illuminated soffits construct volumes out of projecting colored light from concealed energy efficient LED fixtures. Colors are derived from the temperament of the house and directly by the owners’ desire.

Economical at $80 per square foot, the T-shaped house was designed to minimize costs and environmental impact, with workspace assigned to the compact ground floor and living spaces spread across the second level. The house derives natural light from a north-facing shed roof, and boasts southern and western views of the surrounding forest and mountains.

The Mood Ring House is not the only color-changer on the block—neighbors are purported to have installed colored LED fixtures on their homes when construction of the house ended. (That’ll make an appraiser’s task much easier.)

The house also calls to mind another multicolored home in California, painted with a mica-laced shade that shifts with the sun.

Would you wear your emotion on your house? Something tells us the mood ring movement has only just begun.