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Off-Campus Housing in the Boston-Area Rated One of the Most Expensive In The Country

If you are a college student looking for off-campus housing for the coming semester and are planning to live within a 1 mile radius from your school, brace yourself!

RadPad, a startup specializing in apartment searches, compiled a list of 50 universities that have the most expensive off-campus apartments. Boston area schools took up a full fifth of the chart. The rankings are based on the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment within 1 mile from the campus.

Emerson College, located close to the Boston Common, Public Garden, and Chinatown, came in at No. 11, making it the most costly Boston-territory school.

Rents inside a mile of Emerson's campus came in around $3,790/month for a 2 bedroom.

Suffolk University in downtown Boston, ranked No. 12, with 2 bedroom rents averaging $3,747 every month. Boston University (No. 15), Northeastern University (No. 16), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (No. 17), also ranked high on the list with 2 bedroom leases that fall at about $3,100 every month.