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Westbrook proposes new hotel in Chinatown


Westbrook Partners has arrangements to construct a 17 story, 250 suite hotel in Chinatown, and will be filing its proposal to the city officials.

The hotel project would be 181 ft. high at 79 Essex St., a 8,095 sq. ft. corner space at the cross-section of Essex and Oxford boulevards that right now is home to a warehouse and office building.

Although it will be taller than the current building and existing constructions in the area, the new construction will be shorter than the other new developments that are coming up in the area, including 120 Kensington St, 45 Stuart St, and Kensington Place.

Boston’s hotel industry has been ablaze in the last few years, with the business sector retaining a significant amount of capital in venture and capital developments.

Westbrook claimed that its hotel occupancy rate was 81% in 2014 fiscal year in both Boston and Cambridge locations. And will continue to rise in 2016 with the new developments.