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Boston Waterfront Condos: What They Cost


Cheapest spreads for sale still among priciest in the city


There are fewer more desirable residential properties in Boston than waterfront condos. Predictably, then, they comprise some of the pricier real estate in the city. Real estate research site NeighborhoodX has broken down just how pricey, based on current listings for market-rate condos.



A few takeaways from the chart above, which tracks prices per square foot of various condos for sale at various waterfront-facing complexes.


·       The average listing price for Boston waterfront condos in February was $1,034 per square foot.

·       The range, however, ran from $1,717 all the way down to $551.

·       That $551 per square foot was still higher than the most expensive units for sale in Dorchester,Boston's largest neighborhood by area, in February ($502 per square foot) and higher than the average condo price in Somerville's game-change-y Davis Square last year ($529). And! It was more expensive than the average per-square-foot sales price in Jamaica Plain in 2015 as well ($425).



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