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How To Get Your Dream Home: A Guide to Buyers' Etiquette

As you know if you’ve been keeping up with the blog posts, the real estate market swings between a buyers’ or a sellers’ market depending on supply and demand. That’s just basic economics. However, regardless of the market climate, buyer etiquette will always help you get the home you want. 

Buyer etiquette is a third general manners, another third keeping your interaction with sellers to a minimum and another third doing things in a timely manner. This means being on time for a showing, being prepared with your financial documents and being responsive to requests for documents, signatures or answers from your real estate professional.

Ok so this whole article isn’t about minding your manners, this is an inside guide on how to land the home you really want. If you’re late to a viewing, it could cause you to lose that home. In a sellers market (which is what we have now) you probably won’t get a second chance. Sellers have their pick when it comes to buyers so it’s important to make sure you do everything efficiently and gracefully.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much time you need to a view a home. If you try to see too many in one day, you probably won’t get a chance to fully absorb each home. You’ll end up wasting your time or worse making a poor choice because you didn’t give the decision proper attention.

Another important tip is to make sure you’ve been pre-approved and present yourself as a serious buyer. Make it clear that you’re ready to take action should you find the right home.

When viewing a home, if the sellers are present don’t list off your likes and dislikes about the home. That’s just rude. Be courteous and keep the conversation to a minimum with the sellers. You ant to make sure that your experienced real estate agent handles the negotiations. There’s a reason they’re your liaison. Polite conversation is never a bad thing, but keep it to just that.

Having good manners when house hunting is more than just making people like you. It could make the difference between getting your dream home and settling for something you’re lukewarm about. Good will during the process keeps things moving will more than likely lead to a better outcome than if the seller was selling to a buyer they didn’t particularly like.