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Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Spring Market

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Despite all evidence to the contrary, it is the middle of winter. However, spring will be here before you know it and historically in most real estate market this is when it really begins to heat up. The spring market usually yields the highest prices for home sellers.

However, it is important to properly prepare your home if you're thinking of selling it in the spring. Competition will be fierce so you have to make sure you have a fighting chance. Check out these tips to get your home spring-ready.

Start Interviewing Prospective Realtors

It doesn't matter when your selling your home, you're always going to need a good realtor. As spring approaches the top realtors will get busier and busier. Reach out early to ensure you get the best representation in the spring market. Here are some agents we can vouch for!

Make a Plan

A big mistake a lot of sellers make is not having a plan. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Are you planning on buying another home once your home sells?
  • Do you have the option o move in with family?
  • Can you rent?
  • Can you buy non-contingent?

Think about these things and discuss your financing options with a local lender before you list. If you can get pre-approved to buy a home non-contingent it will give you a huge advantage over another seller selling their home subject to finding a suitable property to purchase.

Get a Pre-List Inspection

One of the biggest reasons a home sale fails is due to home inspection. A lot of buyers opt to have their offer contingent on a home inspection. Get your home inspected before you list it to avoid any last minute panic. That way you have plenty of time to tweak anything that needs fixing.

Know Your Local Spring Market

Every market is different. The best way to be informed about yours is to connect with your realtor. They should advise you on current, past and projected market conditions as well as give you advice on when to list.

The time you list is critical! Wait too long and you could miss the prime selling tiem frame. There are some realtors who suggest listing earlier and not waiting till spring in order to beat the spring market competition. However, as stated above, it all depends on your local market. This is another reason having a good realtor is of key importance.

Clean and Organize

This may seem like a no-brainer but its really important! Be proactive nd start the cleaning process now; you'll be glad you didn't wait Here are a few things to check off before listing your home:

  • Wash your windows
  • Dust your blinds
  • Dust baseboard trims
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean showers and toilets
  • Clean inside cabinets

When you're selling your home, it's important o de-clutter too. Plus it will give you a head start on moving packing. Clean out your closets and pack away anything that's not a necessity. Your home will look so much better and most likely sell a lot faster if its organized and de-cluttered.

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