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3 Things You Should Know About Selling a Home This Year

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2016 is a seller's market. This means more demand for homes and more competition between buyers, resulting in potential bidding wars and higher selling prices. That said, there are a few things that every seller should know about selling their home this year.

List during peak season

Demand benefits sellers. Prime buying season begins in April, peaking in June. If you list your home during that period, you will benefit from a greater amount of interested buyers and potential bidding wars. That means higher prices and (ideally) faster closings

Optimize your price

In 2016, prices are expected to increase 3 percent year over year nationally. Sellers who work with a local Realtor to optimize the price of their home are more likely to receive the highest price for their market as well as sell within a fast timeframe. This price optimization should be based on elements such as its distinctive features and surrounding neighborhoods

Offer incentives

Last year, 37 percent of sellers offered incentives to attract buyers. Sellers who are open to negotiation are more likely to score a win for both sides. This means a potentially faster sale and more seller profit.