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Tips For Selling Your House In The Winter

Tips for Selling Your Home In The Winter

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Warmth is a top priority

Your home should always be nice and toasty when a realtor conducts a walkthrough. Set a timer on your thermostat to make sure it's warm when they arrive. Also check that there are no leaks in your ducts and vents - this could make some rooms cold.

Keep the house bright

Make sure your home looks warm and inviting by adequately lighting each room. You want buyers to feel welcome and at ease. If a room has dim lighting it could take away from the overall appeal of the room. You should also consider upgrading your lighting fixtures. Installing recessed lighting in certain rooms will give your home a sophisticated atmosphere. Standing lamps are also a great option to brighten a room.

Try to make your landscape appealing.

Although your yard will be winterized, there are several ways to spruce it up. Clear your yard of any debris such as branches or leaves. Also its key to make sure your walkways are shoveled and salted.

Make the interior cozy

Try playing classical music at a low volume or offering homemade treats such as cookies. You want buyers to feel at home right when they walk in the door. If they walk into a cozy enticing setting, they will want to spend more time there.

Keep the fireplace lit

This goes along with the cozy aspect of your home. Make sure you have enough coal or wood handy to keep the fire burning through all the showings.

Prepare for any storms

Winter storms can wreak havoc on a house. Make sure you have an emergency kit on hand in case your home looses power. This should include candles, matches, blankets, a car charger, canned food, flashlights and water.