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Food(less) Truck Listings: A New Way to Advertise Real Estate?

A developer based in Washington D.C. is hitting the road in search of potential renters using their brand new (foodless) truck. The JBG Companies is the creator of Dwell Direct, an outfit they deem a "mobile real estate experience". The state of the art truck is now the company's mobile leasing office furnished with a 60-inch touch screen, iPads and wowing photos of some of the group's current residential developments. They drive the truck through different neighborhoods in Maryland, Virginia and D.C and through local farmers markets and festivals in order to meet new clients who may already be in love with the city they're standing in. Once they're in the truck the potential residents can grab an iPad and scroll through details about each community, learn other highlights and need-to-knows of the area plus take a look at any developments that might have availabilities. 

Go to a farmers market for the kale but stay for the real estate!

Though undeniably alternative, the Dwell Direct truck is a highly innovative way for a company to expand their business to the people they need to connect with the most - the ones walking the streets every day. By removing the office setting, the developer is taking initiative and proactivity to the next level - actively going out to find people to fill their spaces.

According to The Washington Post, the idea came from an in-house competition in April that encouraged JBG employees to find new and exciting ways to bring in new buyers.

If only they served burgers...


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