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Boston Ranked "Healthiest Housing Market"

In a study conducted by WalletHub, Boston has been ranked the healthiest home market in the U.S. Based on Census data and the American Housing Survey, these figures compared the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, with the Massachusetts capital taking the top spot. The survey was established upon the following 7 figures:

-equity levels

-percentage of mortgages underwater

-downpayment percentages

-amount of time remaining until financial freedom from mortgages

-mortgage costs

-number of "easy" mortgages

-first time home buyer assistance and access to financing

Boston had the lowest interest rates at 4.23% (compared to 4.71% nationwide), as well as lowest share of easy mortgages at 9.25% (compared to 17.02% nationwide), and the lowest share of precarious morgages at 5.46%  (compared to 9.97% nationwide.) "Easy" mortgages are defined as a mortgage obtained with no proof of income, assets, or debt, while "precarious" mortgages are defined as mortgages between 0-10% equity.

While Boston also placed second in the amount of underwater mortgages and equity levels, Boston did place third in the highest downpayment percentage levels. With Boston remaining a city with a high cost of affordability, this number has consistently remained high over the years.