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Home Landscaping and What You Can Get for Your Money


As many know, landscaping can be a sound investment into one's property. While it not only provides personal pride and satisfaction attributed to a home, it can also increase the value of one's property. With landscaping becoming more and more of a prominent aspect to one's estate, it can also cost more than one would think to maintain. For those on a budget (which are most of us), here is what $50, $500, and $5,000 can get you, according to RIS Media:

For $50, this will give you the supplies for more, do-it-yourself types of projects. However, this money will get you several bags of mulch in which you can spread, as well as cover the costs of programming a sprinkler's timer and an operational once-over. With this, a steady sprinkler system can help maintain spring flowers and a lawn. Experts say that a good use of this money could also go towards an application of fly-repellent, which can last for up to four weeks and deters flies from the yard.

For $500, this money can be used towards irrigation troubleshooting, repair services, and miscellaneous repair work that can take up to eight man hours. Some of these services include fertilization and weed control programs, a mowed and trimmed lawn for four months every week, and a three-dimensional design of a landscape plan for the future.

For $5,000, one can expect an array of finished projects, including patios and retaining walls. Other options include upgrading a home's foundation landscaping, i.e., the removal of debris and plants already in their beds, a brand-new irrigation system, additional water features, privacy and border plantings, perennial gardens, landscape lighting, and arbors and trellis work.

No matter what one's budget is, it doesn't hurt to keep one's front and back yard up to date and in good condition. Whether you plan on spending a little money or a lot, taking these factors into account will allow you to know what to expect and what not to expect with your price point. With all this being said and now that it's summer, it's a perfect time to invest in your home's landscaping. Get to work!

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