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5 Ideas to Build the Patio of Your Dreams




If you follow my blog, you'll notice that I frequently write about ways to improve landscaping or outdoor yard space. But, many individuals don't realize that a home doesn't just cover what's in the interior, but it also attributes to what is shown outside in the exterior. A property's outdoor space and patio can make or break a home, and, while it's summer, now is the perfect time to do that outdoor renovation that you've always wanted to do. With the help from RIS Media, I've compiled together 5 patio upgrades that will not only allow you to enjoy your home more, but also increase its value for investment purposes.


1) There's nothing worse than an outdoor patio that doesn't have enough seating options. The best way to bring people outside and have them enjoy the patio is to create a plethora of Seating Options. Ideas include: hammock chairs for lounging, dining room tables for outdoor dining, small nooks and and cozy chairs for coffee in the morning, and comfortable sofas and couches for hanging out with friends.


2) Fruit and Vegetable Gardens. Is there a better way to brag about the food you're cooking than to say you grew it in your backyard? Not only do these gardens allow you to enjoy what you're growing, but they also add color and are a great conversation piece. Everyone loves fresh fruits and vegetables, even if they're just a little snack to enjoy while you sit outside.


3) Lighting. No one wants to spend time outside when it's dimly lit and uninviting. Create a welcoming space by having lots of light, adding warmth and color to your outdoor patio. If your patio isn't lit well enough, guests won't even be able to realize what it has to offer. Lights can also allow you to set the mood for the patio. Whimsical lights can portray a party vibe, whereas chandeliers can add romance.


4) Build an Outdoor Bar. Whether you drink or not, guests while automatically be attracted to an outdoor bar. Not only is it a great place to hang out at, it can add a sense of sophistication to your backyard. Outdoor bars are great for entertaining guests, and are a guaranteed way to bring the party outside.


5) Add Personal Touches that you enjoy. Whether it's a pizza oven, movie screen, or even a dance floor, add something that makes the patio personal and something that you will get the most enjoyment out of. After all, it is your patio. Take advantage of the outdoor space, and install something that you will want to use all the time.