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4 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Use Real Estate Technology


Homebuyers and sellers today make inferences about real estate agents' professionalism based on their ability to use current technology. Think about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, personal websites, etc. The image we project to the public is heavily influenced by our presence on the internet and usage of technological services and social media.

This is not about being the most advanced and tech-savvy agent in your area. It is about adopting the common-sense technology practices that make your business approachable whil still maintaining professionalism. You have to gain a relationship with your clients! Using technology responsibly and proactively allows us to enhance our outward business persona.

  1. Do you have a smartphone? How else would you easily access social media apps?
  2. Mobile communication is still business communication. "Please excuse any spelling errors...this is sent from my iPhone." NO. Remove this email signature. This just tells your clients/associates: I am too lazy to properly use this handheld device for common sense every day language. You're in business, so alwayswrite like you mean business.
  3. Speaking of your signature...where is it? Don't forget to add your name, title, phone, email, info, etc on all of your email signatures.
  4. This is the 21st century. How are your texting skills? Texting is available! And it is definitely not an inconvenience. It is a huge time-saver for your business. Texting fills the gap between phone calls and email and are an integral business tool. Text messaging allows you to convey a concise message without committing to a conversation about today's weather.