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6 Questions a Broker May Ask You at an Open House and How to Answer


Brokers may ask you certain questions at an open house.  Check out these 6 common questions and how to answer them so that you aren’t caught off guard. 


Most brokers will ask you how long you have been looking for more reasons than just making small talk.  Answer this question honestly and be specific.  Brokers ask this to gauge the seriousness of potential buyers.  If you’ve just begun looking at homes, you may still be looking to what is on the market and deciding what you like, but if you’ve been searching for a while, the open house broker may be curious as to what you are looking for, why you haven’t found it, and if this house will be the home you pick.


A broker may ask you if you are working with an agent exclusively.  Answer this question honestly.  Brokers ask this because they are trained to respect boundaries.  However if you aren’t working with an agent exclusively, the open house broker may try to represent you. 


Brokers are also curious about the opinions of potential buyers.  They may ask you how you think the home compares to others that you’ve seen.  Give your real opinion, even if it’s negative because brokers want honesty so that they can see how desirable the home is compared to others.


They may also ask you if you are looking specifically at that neighborhood or if you’re open to other places.  Be honest and specific.  If you are only looking in that neighborhood, this information helps the broker determine the most and least desirable things about the property compared to others that are on the market.


If the broker asks you what you think of the price, answer thoughtfully.  If you aren’t sure how the price compares to others, admit that you don’t know.  But if you think it is priced competitively or too high, say so.


Finally, a broker may ask if you are considering making an offer.  Answer honestly!  It is good news to the broker if you say yes and it also gives you time to talk to your agent because the open house broker knows to expect something from you if he receives multiple offers.  It’s also okay to say that you aren’t interested.

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