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Local Market Update for Back Bay, Boston, MA

Between January 2014 and January 2015, closings of single-family properties in Back Bay, a neighborhood in Boston haven't changed a bit. With a single sale in both months, there was neither an increase or a decrease. That being said, the average sales price of the property sold increased by 54.5%. Unfortunately, the amount of time on the market increased by a whopping 328.6%! No new listings were added to the market in either January 2014 or 2015. Condominium properties in Back Bay, on the other hand, had a nice increase all around. 10.5% more properties closed in January 2015 than 2014 and the average sales price increased by 93.8%. The amount of days on the market decreased by 42.1% and new listings in Back Bay decreased by 44.1%.


As you can see in the graphs above, Back Bay has had above average change in average sales price of single-family properties compared to all MLS.