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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Broker



Tips for Choosing a Broker:                                  

  1. Talk with recent clients. You may ask the broker if he had any recent clients that were particularly pleased or displeased and for their contact information.

  2. Ask the agent about past sold properties. Look to see if any of the homes are similar to yours in terms of style, location, and price. Youwant an agent that knows how to sell the type of property you are selling.

  3. Check current listings. Having similar listings to yours shows that people similar to you trust the broker. The number of listings a broker has is also a good indicator of how well he can sell your house. You do not want a broker with no listings, but you also do not want a broker with so many listings that he cannot focus on you.

  4. Check to see that your broker is licensed and for how long. A broker may also get further training to become specialist such as a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist), or ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative). Some brokers have also received awards, adding to their credentials.

  5. Ask the agent if he knows about other homes for sale in the area. If he can name them on the spot, he knows the area well, which is good for you.


Additionally, statistics show that big brands do not sell homes any faster than smaller companies. The same applies to whether or not you choose a team or an individual broker. While a team may be able to take on a greater number of listings, they won't necessarily sell homes any faster. Choose your broker based on your needs and his qualifications to sell your type of property.

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