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Tips for Showing Your Home in the Winter

While all this snow may seem detrimental to selling your home, it may not be as bad as it seems! One plus side is that all these snow days gives home buyers more time to look at homes online, and are that much more likely to come across you listing. 

Snow does make selling your home more difficult though, but here are a few helpful tips to increase your chances of finding a buyer!

  1. Keep track of the upcoming weather. It's much smarter to schedule an open house a week later than originally planned if it means it will prevent it from falling during a storm.

  2. Provide shoe covers or ask guests to remove their shoes during an open house. Having guests tracking slush and salt through your home only leaves more for you to clean up.  

  3. Keep up with snow removal. Now is not the time for a roof leak or an icy driveway.  

  4. If you have a sign in front of your home, keep it as clear as possible so that more people driving by take notice.

  5. Remember, it is almost Spring.