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Blog :: 02-2015

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How Important is Staging Your Home?


While there is no harm in staging your home, it's not the most important thing. Even if your home has been professionally staged, people will notice if you don't take the time to update outdated wallpaper and old [...]

How School Districts Affect Your Home's Value


Most people know that homes in towns with good school districts are more expensive and have higher taxes because people are willing to pay more for the benefits. However, the benefits of a good school district don’t only apply to families with children or couples thinking about [...]

What Your Broker May Not Tell You



Selling a home is a major undertaking for anyone and isn’t to be approached lightly.

You want to do everything right to nail the sale, but what is your real estate agent keeping from you that might impair a successful sale?

•            Your asking price is wrong. Everyone wants to get top dollar for their house, and the larger [...]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Broker


Tips for Choosing a Broker:                                  

  1. Talk with recent clients. You may ask the broker if he had any recent clients that were particularly pleased or displeased and for their contact information.

  2. Ask the agent about past sold properties. Look to see if any of the homes are similar to yours in terms of style, location, and price.

  3. [...]

Local Market Update for Dover, MA

In Dover, MA between January 2014 and January 2015 there was a decrease in sales of single-family properties by 85.7% although the average sales price of properties increased by 13.5%. The time spent on the market also increased by 125.1% and there was an increase in new listings in Dover of 33.3%. There were no condominium properties in [...]

Throwback Thursday to 1988

This week in 1988, this Castles Unlimited ad ran in The Tab.  President of Castles Unlimited, Jim Lowenstern, is featured in the second row, second from the left! Olga Karas, another broker who still works with Castles Unlimited, is in the front row, first on the left!

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