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Massachusetts Named Safest Residential State


According to WalletHub's newly released survey, Massachusetts is the safest state to live in, in the entire country. Despite it's rough-and-tumble reputation, Boston is hardly a nucleus of immorality, despite the violence that has recently swept through Dorchester and a few other neighborhoods. In fact, Boston's murder rate is significantly lower than that of Chicago or D.C.

However, out of all 50 states, safe, sleepy, bucolic states like Vermont or North Dakota should intuitively rank higher than hard-hitting Massachusetts. Homes are also a lot cheaper in the more rural states, with the median listing price in North Dakota hovering around $210,000, while they soar to $315,000 here in Massachusetts.

So why does Massachusetts rank in at number one? WalletHub didn't focus exclusively on crime rates, as many other surveys do. They also looked at workplace injuries, highway accidents, and "financial safety."

Massachusetts has the lowest work-related injuries, while North Dakota ranks in last. Given the number of white-collar industries like tech, biotech, and financial services in the metro-Boston area, this is not surprising. The Commonwealth is also second in road safety, with one of the lowest numbers of fatal accidents per million miles driven.

Massachusetts is tied for third place on the lowest number of bullying incidents - tied with Mississippi. Surprisingly, Vermont and Maine are high up on the bullying list, at 36 and 37, respectively.

Financial safety was the last factor examined, specifically the number of residets with "rainy day" funds. Massachusetts scored well, coming in at number three.

Other than the bullying reports from Vermont and Main, New England scored very well on WalletHub's list of safest places to live. New Hampshire was named second safest state to live, while Rhode Island and Connecticut took 6 and 9, respectively.