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Home Showing Tips and Tricks

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Sometimes getting your house to sell is all about setting the scene. From clearing clutter to rearranging furniture, listed below are a few a simple ways to make your home even more appealing to buyers.

  1. Remove clutter- Nothing distracts a buyer like excess stacks of papers or cramped closets stuffed to the brim. So throw away those stacks of newspapers and magazines and stow away some of those decorative tchotchke's. Put your excess furniture and out-of-season clothing in storage. And don't forget to clean out the garage too!
  2. Depersonalize- As nice as it is to see your sentimental objects and family portraits throughout your house, you don't want to distract your buyer from seeing potential. So, save those items for your next home and make your house a clean slate, open to new memories and personalization from the potential homeowner.
  3. Clean- As you may have heard, "cleanliness is close to godliness". And although that may not always be the case, a clean home sends the message that the house has been well cared for. So make the extra effort to dust, mop, clean the out the refrigerator and wax the floors. It will definitely pay off in the long run.
  4. Tidy your yard- Don't throw off your buyers with a clean house and an unruly yard! Cut the grass, rake the leaves, add new mulch, trim the bushes, and clean the gutters. These small steps make your house consistent and add to the curb appeal. For added attention, you can even place a pot of bright, fresh flowers near the entryway.
  5. Get rid of smells- Nothing is more unappealing in an open house like lingering odors. So open the windows to air out your house, deep clean your carpets and wash your drapes to remove those excess cooking odors, smoke, or pet smells. And, if all else fails, potpourri or scented candles will always help.
  6. Brighten your rooms- Natural sunlight helps make any room appear more open. So wash your windows and screens to maximize the rays coming in! And for those rooms that don't have as much natural light, put higher wattage bulbs in the light fixtures to show off their full potential.
  7. Add color- Going along with brightening your room, adding small touches of color, like a colored throw in a bedroom or patterned pillows on the living room sofa, will help jazz up a room and bring some life and brightness to it.
  8. Add careful details- Nothing says you love and take care of your home like the minor details. So add a fresh bouquet of flowers on your dining room table or a colorful bowl of fruit to your kitchen. These centerpieces not only add visual interest to the room, but they also breathe life into the space.
  9. Make those minor repairs-  The finer details, like a torn screen or a dripping faucet, may give buyers the impression that the home isn't well maintained. So paying attention to little things give potential buyers less repairs to worry about.

10. Accentuate the fireplace- Fireplaces can be a big bonus to a home. So if you have one, make sure its clean and visually appealing. Lay fresh logs in the fireplace to set a scene or put a basket of flowers or candle holder there if it's not in use

11. Arrange the space- Set the scene and help buyers picture living there. Whether its laying out some books on the coffee table, or rearranging patio furniture on your outdoor space, these careful details will help buyers see the potential.

12. Make bedrooms and bathrooms feel luxurious- As important as it is to arrange the living space, it can also help to create a little retreat with your bedrooms and bathrooms. Put away your old toothbrushes and personal toiletries, and add fancy soaps and new towels to the bathroom to set the mood. And make sure beds are made, nightstands are clear, and all toys, clothes, and shoes are off the floor and put in their rightful spots.

13. Lock up your valuables- Even though a real estate agent will be on site during the showing or open house, it is impossible to watch everyone all the time. So save yourself the trouble and take the small effort to keep your valuables, jewelry, and money safe to save you a headache in the long run.

14. Don't have your pets greet your guests- Although your pet may be an important part of your home, it may make potential buyers uncomfortable or they may have allergies. Ask a neighbor or a friend to take care of them during an open house, or take them outside. If that's not possible, crate them or confine them to a room and let buyers know to eliminate surprises.

15. Leave the home- Even though you may be curious about what potential buyers may think of your home, they will feel more comfortable asking questions and looking around if you're not there. So relax and trust that your agent will gather impressions about the home and get back to you.


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