How To Sell My House

Today's Housing Inventory Is a Sweet Spot for Sellers

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One of the biggest challenges in the housing market right now is how few homes there are for sale compared to the number of people who want to buy them. To help emphasize just how limited housing inventory still is, let’s take a look at the latest information on active listings, or homes for sale in a given month, as it compares to more normal levels. 

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Where Will You Go If You Sell? Newly Built Homes Might Be the Answer.

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Do you want to sell your house, but hesitate because you’re worried you won’t be able to find your next home in today’s market? You're not alone, but there’s some good news that may ease your worries.

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Have You Thought About Why You Might Want To Sell Your House?

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Some Highlights: If you’re on the fence about selling your house, it’s worth considering all the reasons why moving could make sense for you.

Overlooked Expenses of Selling a Home

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     Overlooked expenses of selling a home

     Home sellers spend on average $15,190 on common expenses associated with placing a home on the market; some of those costs include home improvements and closing costs according to a recent analysis by [...]

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The Best Window to Sell Your Home Faster and for the Highest Price

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Choosing the right time to put your home on the market is a big decision. Timing can influence the final sales price significantly. Here is the best window to list your home.