Castles Luxury



Who We Are:

Since the founding of  Castles Unlimited® as a real estate brokerage firm in Newton, Massachusetts in 1985, its name has earned renown as a marketer of the world's most prestigious properties in the Boston area and around the world with its sister company the Castles® Broker Network and its Castles® magazine. The Castles Unlimited® reputation has been built on exceptional service to clients around the world. It was out of this rich heritage that its Castles Luxury™ division was born.

Founded on the same commitment to exceptional service that characterized Castles Unlimited® for almost three decades, Castles Luxury™ brand was launched and became known for the distinctive properties it represents.  Castles Luxury™ has discreetly represented some of the world's most desirable estates including the most expensive properties in both the US and the United Kingdom.

With claims as impressive as these, it is easy to understand that Castles Luxury™ sales associates and brokers are trained to satisfy the unique needs of the buyers and sellers of the world's most prestigious properties.