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Agent Spotlight: John Olivera

Just like any other agency, here at Castles Unlimited we would be nowhere without our hard working and personable agents. But unlike other agencies, we just so happen to have the best around. As part of a new series Agent Spotlight, we would like to highlight the stories and strengths of these agents that make it all happen for their clients.

The first thing you notice when you meet John is that he’s very easy going. He’s relatable and easy to talk to, but at the same is extremely knowledgeable on a wide array of subjects.

John has a vast knowledge of the always evolving markets around Metro Boston, Metro West and Central Massachusetts. He has been involved in the procurement, planning and development of homes, residential subdivisions and condo complexes, giving him a holistic insight on all facets relevant to a properties evaluation and market analysis.

In his opinion, one of the most important qualities for an agent is to be a good listener and a helping hand always extended. He is willing to go the extra mile for his clients to assure they get the best deal, at the right time, and don’t miss one single opportunity. “Just the other day I assisted a buyer with their move, helping load and unload the van, so they could vacate their old home on time for the closing the next day.” This extremely personal touch isn’t something you find everywhere.

“I try not to be selfish with my knowledge”, John is happy to explain market trends, pricing strategies, financing options like the seasoned real estate professional he is, “but they are best put in simple, candid words to inform the clients decisions”.

These qualities make John an invaluable asset whether you are buying or selling a home, residential building, a piece of land for a new development, or an investment property. Very few people in the industry can achieve such a range of expertise and still be humble, accessible and attentive as John has proven time and time again to his clients.

Have questions? Feel free to contact John at (617) 372-4300.


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