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Have you tuned into Jim Lowenstern's newly debuted radio show? If you haven't, you've missed out! Here's the buzz:
Week One:
Guest Star:
1. Mike Phillips
- Number 1 real-estate broker in the entire country. 
- Tuned in from Kansas City, Missouri to speak on the radio show.
- Mike Phillips sold over 1,200 houses over the past year.
2. A top broker from the Metro-west area in Boston.  
Notable News:
Along with these two wonderful guests, Jason Bonarrigo, a representative from Wells Fargo bank, tuned in to talk on the show as well. We were able to listen to random particpants on the street give their answers to real estate terms given by the show's crew. Castlesmag also sponsored real estate news, during this show.
Week 2
Guest Star:
Attorney and Top Broker from North-shore Boston.
Noteable News:
Two listeners called in to ask the guests questions, which was exciting due to the fact that this was our SECOND show. The show also presented the "Dream Home of the Week"- $3million property in St. Johns, USVI (Virgin Islands). 
Both weeks were exciting and new!
Tune in this Sunday (EST 4-5pm) on 1510 AM WWZN Boston, to join Jim! 
WWZN Streaming Live:
**Podcasts are available for download** 
Click on the image (above) to be directed to the official radio site.
Prepare for a new week with lively updates and good campany!