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Real Estate Tips

The Power of Professional Videos in Real Estate

There are two types of video within the industry: personal and professional. Both are imperative for acquiring a greater audience and greater engagement; however, for real estate in particular the focus is set on professional videos.

Personal videos are meant for friends, family, and other personal contacts. There are many platforms for this rather casual setting that can be quickly accessed and shared online by any citizen videographer. Professional videos are a whole different beast.

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Vineyards: A Labor of Love

     Most people dream of having their own vineyard on their estate, and for many luxury homebuyers that dream is being turned into a reality. Many known celebrities own vineyards and wineries. Like with any business, it offers great tax benefits and the challenge of starting a new enterprise.

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Searching the Market as New Homebuyers

Searching for a new home can come as a daunting task for many because of the sheer amount of considerations to keep in mind. Not to mention, looking for a second time does not come much easier than the first. In order to keep on top of the process and not let it overwhelm you, prioritizing some aspects as more important will make the path [...]

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How Millennial Homebuyers Are at a Disadvantage

Buying a home can prove difficult depending on location, price, and rates; however, chances might be even harder for those a part of this generation: Millennials. For all those individuals born from the 1980s to late 1990’s, also known as the children of the Baby Boomers generation, can anticipate a harder time when looking into the housing market.

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